Epic Electronic Medical Record

What is an Epic Electronic Medical Record?

An Epic electronic medical record is computerized version of the traditional medical chart made of paper. (EMR) All the information are kept digitally as oppose to traditionally written on paper by approved healthcare providers. Now they can access EMR by logging into a computer network which is secured and safe.  We all know how bad is a doctor handwriting so having it online is easy to use and efficient.

Benefits of Epic Electronic Medical Record for Patients

For patients, your healthcare is taken care off better. Doctors and health personnel can now carefully obtain documents and know everything about you health in an instant. Your medical history is safe and stored safely. This allows physician to respond quickly to whatever problem or needs you have. Patients no need to fill up redundant forms or even worst still take the same test again if without this epic electronic medical record software.

epic electronic medical record 2 epic electronic medical record